LED ZEPPELIN - Peter Grant Writes...

Clearing out some old files the other day I came across this letter from Peter Grant, the formidable manager of Led Zeppelin, who died in 1995. (If you click on it, it will become clearer.)

Out of courtesy and, as ever, reluctant to arouse his indignation, I had written to Peter at his retirement home in Eastbourne to inform him that Omnibus Press was soon to publish a book about Led Zeppelin by Dave Lewis, the publisher of the Zep fanzine Tight But Loose. With only the slightest hint of the menace that characterised his tenure as Zeppelin’s manager, it seems the cantankerous old gentleman had mellowed a bit by 1990. The book in question was called Led Zeppelin – A Celebration and was designed by Lisa Pettibone who not long afterwards became my wife.


  1. "Still, never mind."

    And we all exhale. Thanks for the share!

  2. It's amusing to see how well a guy known for physically intimidating people could write.

  3. That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing it, Chris. Cheers.
    Led Zep tube busker