Sometime during the course of last night, no doubt a result of the recent spate of Who posts, someone somewhere in the world hit Just Backdated for the 250,000th time, another small milestone for my one-man micro music magazine, so whoever you are (and you won’t even know it, as I don’t either), thanks very much.
              In keeping with my custom of putting down a few facts and figures that are available only to the bloggers themselves whenever these milestones are reached, here are some more statistics. The Top Ten blogs (out of a total of 489) now consist entirely of Who posts, with my report from Hyde Park, posted last Saturday on the day after the show, having leaped up to fifth position within two days with 3,516 hits as of just now. This is still way off the leader, that post about Keith Moon being in the last shot ever taken of John and Paul Beatle, which has a virtually unassailable tally of 13,845 hits now, well ahead of number two, my scoop about The Who Hits 50 tour, on 5,166, with third place still occupied by my post about the launch of Dear Boy, Tony Fletcher’s biography of Moonie, which now has 4,149 hits. The Hyde Park post effectively bumped from the Top Ten my post about the bashed up Strat belonging to poor old Rory Gallagher, the only non-Who post ever to reach the Top Ten.
              Almost all my Who posts have had well over 1,000 hits, many of them 2,000 or more, and amongst the rest Rory still tops the list with 2,787 followed by posts about Lowell George (1,469) and Abba (1,445). Then it’s down to three figures for the rest with the post about Jimmy Page’s public interview last October on 991 next on the list. Even posts that are tangential to The Who, like the extract from the Jeff Beck biography about recording ‘Beck’s Bolero’ (with Moonie on drums) and the one about Wilko Johnson (who recorded the Going Back Home album with Roger) at Manchester’s Louder Than Words festival had 1,776 and 1,130 hits respectively.
              The sources of all these hits remains pretty much the same with about 50% from the US, 25% from the UK and 25% from the rest of the world, Canada, Germany and France following the US and UK. Russia seems to have disappeared altogether, though I don’t recall being rude about Putin which might have led to JB being blocked, and since the statistics only tell me the top ten countries I don’t know if I’ve had the odd visit from somewhere really obscure.
              Anyway, thanks again everyone for visiting Just Backdated. 


Sammy-lou said...

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia! As a crazed Who fan myself, I'm not surprised your Top 10 posts are all Who-related -- reading about that band never gets old (even if they have!). And your insider's angle makes it all the more interesting: keep 'em coming! If you feel like it, please check out my only Who-related post (about their 1968 tour Down Under with the Small Faces) here: http://holy-gogo-boots-batman.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/carry-on-touring-when-who-and-small.html

Chris Charlesworth said...

Thanks Sammy-lou... Andy Neill is good friend of mine.

Sammy-lou said...

Why am I not surprised?! :-)
By the way, Chris, I don't suppose you've heard whether The Who plan to add Australia to their 50th anniversary/farewell tour? I'm getting very worried we're going to be overlooked...please put in a good word for us Aussies if you get the chance!