This contact sheet features a series of pictures taken at Waltzing Matilda’s, the bar on Second Avenue that I referred to in my tribute to Ashley Pandel last weekend, taken by our friend Mandi Newall at Christmas 1973 when Ash was running The Image Group.

If you can make out everyone by clicking on the photo to enlarge it, in the fray at the dartboard are all the usual suspects that waltzed with Matilda in those carefree days: Ashley himself, in a light floral shirt; his girl Nancy, in a striped top; Roy Hollingworth, in a denim waistcoat; his girl Iris Brown, with long dark hair; Melody Maker photographer Barrie Wentzell; NME writer Roy Carr, cosying up to Barrie, bottom right corner; Rolling Stone writer Loraine Alterman, in a fake fur coat; and your humble Just Backdated man, in a western style shirt. 

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