On Saturday, September 14, 1974, the first Beatlefest – a festival for Beatles fans – was held in New York at the Commodore Hotel. False rumours suggested that John, in heavy disguise, attended but his friend May Pang was there, sent by John to acquire interesting Beatles memorabilia. 
     I was there too and when May spotted me she asked my advice on what to buy for him. John had already told me he was keen to collect Beatles bootlegs but since I didn’t know what he already had, I wasn’t sure what to recommend to May. But I reasoned that John wouldn’t mind having more than one copy of a bootleg, so she invested in several that I thought he might like. 
     I also saw some original pictures of The Beatles in Hamburg, taken in 1960 by Jurgen Volmer, including one where John was stood in a doorway wearing a leather jacket and with his hair in a rocker’s quiff. I drew May’s attention to these, and we chatted with Volmer who was selling his pictures. 
     The next time I saw the picture of John in the Hamburg doorway picture was on the cover of his 1975 LP Rock ‘N’ Roll

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