On the subject of Gibsons, way back around 1985, when I lived in Hammersmith, I was walking along Chiswick High Road one day when I passed a newly opened guitar & amp shop called Gigstop and in its window a Gibson Dove priced at £200. Thinking this was a bargain I went in and tried it out; nothing wrong with it, not warped, intonation OK, heads don’t slip, no scratches. So I put down £20 deposit which was all I had on me and went back the next day with the remaining £180.
     I kept that guitar for a year or two and eventually decided I didn’t need two Gibson acoustics and I preferred the old one, so I advertised it in the back pages of Melody Maker for £500 ono, and got £480. It’s probably worth £3K now, maybe more.
     Gigstop went out of business within a year. Wonder why… 

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