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The only way to follow last week’s list of acts with the most songs on my iPod is the easily-accessed list of the 50 most-played songs which is very different and, as I expected, features Gillian Welch as the most played artist, with seven songs. The Beatles and Richard Thompson come next with three each. In some respects the list reflects the length of time songs have been on the iPod (ie anything newish simply hasn’t had a chance to catch up) and playlists of old favourites that I have made for my own amusement to listen to repeatedly in the car or while I walk the dog. A couple of years ago I burned three CDs of favourites for a friend who was flying to Australia and stuck on a plane for 24 hours, and many of these were on those CDs.
         It’s what isn’t on the list that is probably more interesting; no David Bowie – where is ‘Heroes’? I thought I’d played that hundreds of times but then again it’s probably 50/50 between the English and German versions, thus splitting the total; no Rolling Stones; no Bob Dylan; no Kraftwerk, even though I played them endlessly while editing that book; no Rod Stewart – I thought ‘Mandolin Wind’ would make it; only one Who song – I thought I’d played ‘Substitute’ from Leeds a hell of a lot, ditto ‘Sparks’ but then again that’s probably split between different live versions on Leeds, Toronto and elsewhere, so no one version makes the list; only one R.E.M. song, ditto Beach Boys, Kinks, Zep, Springsteen and that a live version of ‘Highway Patrolman’ with his folksy band and not the E Street guys.
         I’ve written about almost everyone on this list somewhere on Just Backdated, so from that point of view it’s fairly predictable; less so ‘(If Paradise) Is Half As Nice’ by Amen Corner, ‘Going Down To Liverpool’ by The Banges and ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries, all songs I just happen never to tire of. ‘How High The Moon’ from 1951 is probably the least predictable, and nice to see ‘Kid’ in there. The first time I met Chrissie Hynde, the first words I spoke to her were: “Before I say anything else can I tell you that the guitar solo that James played on ‘Kid’ is about as perfect a guitar solo as has ever been recorded.” I suspect the compliment pleased her almost as much as if McDonalds were to go into receivership.
         Here’s the list, with the number of plays in brackets.
1) Orphan Girl – Gillian Welch (130)
2) Don’t Let Me Down – Beatles (126)
3) Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor – Gillian Welch (125)
4=) Don’t Worry Baby – Beach Boys (124)
Long Tall Sally – Beatles (124)
6) Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison (122)
7=) One Day Like This – Elbow (107)
Mystery Train – Elvis Presley (107)
9) Teach Your Children – CSN&Y (106)
10) Waterloo Sunset – Kinks (105)
11) There She Goes – The La’s (100)
12) Dimming Of The Day (live) – Richard & Linda Thompson (97)
13) Going To California (live, from How The West…) – Led Zep (94)
14) Acony Bell – Gillian Welch (93)
15) 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (live) – Richard Thompson (92)
16) How Can I Tell You – Cat Stevens (91)
17) Walking The Long Miles Home (live) – Richard Thompson (90)
18=) Goin’ Back – The Byrds (89)
How High the Moon – Les Paul & Mary Ford (89)
Will You Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles (89)
21) Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry (88)
22) Annie – Ronnie Lane (& Pete Townshend) (87)
23) River Man – Nick Drake (86)
24) Rockin’ Chair (live, RAH 1971) – The Band (84)
25) In My Hour Of Darkness – Gram Parsons (81)
26=) In My Command – Crowded House (79)
Nothing Compares 2U – Sinead O’Connor (79)
28=) Something (from Love) – Beatles (77)
Into Temptation – Crowded House (77)
30=) (If Paradise) Is Half As Nice – Amen Corner (75)
Tennessee Waltz – Eva Cassidy (75)
Annabelle – Gillian Welch (75)
Ten Storey Love Song – Stone Roses (75)
34=) One Of Us – Abba (73)
Highway Patrolman (live, sessions band) – Bruce Springsteen (73)
36=) Going Down To Liverpool – Bangles (72)
Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac (72)
Man On the Moon – R.E.M. (72)
39=) The Kids Are Alright – The Who (71)
Rave On – Buddy Holly (70)
Missing You – Little Feat (70)
Common People – Pulp (70)
43=) Dreams – Cranberries (69)
Everybody’s Talkin’ – Nilsson (69)
45) Kid – The Pretenders (68)
46) Baby Blue – Badfinger (67)
47) The Way It Will Be – Gillian Welch (66)
48=) Scarlett Town – Gillian Welch (64)
When You Walk In The Room – Agnetha Fältskog (64)
Please Read The Letter – Robert Plant & Alison Krausse (64)

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