ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME - 2017 Nominations

For anyone interested, a last minute change of heart caused me to vote for Joe Tex, the direct result of an intervention by a Just Backdated reader who recommended I acquaint myself with his work. So I bought a 3-CD Joe Tex Anthology which I've been enjoying immensely over the last few days and can recommend to anyone who enjoys great soul music. Joe pushed out The Zombies, described by an old friend of mine who lives in New York as 'wrinkled old tarts', which was perhaps a tad on the intemperate side but I know where she's coming from and it's not St Albans, just north of London, where the Zombies assembled way back when.
         So my final selection was Chic, Joe Tex, Kraftwerk, MC5 and Yes. Thanks to all who helped.


Slar said...

Is is this mentality that has allowed the R&RHOF to get out of hand. Neither Chic, Joe Tex, MC5, nor The Zombies have any business being in the Hall. Good music? Yes. But virtually no enduring popularity or influence. MC5 and The Zombies are best known for a single album and a couple of stray singles. It isn't enough. Joe Tex and Chic are completely unknown to anyone under 45 and are relics of a bygone era. The Hall is better off without them all. (And I say this as a big fan of the Zombies.)

Kraftwerk is precisely the type of band that belongs in the Hall. So much of modern music traces directly back to what they did. You can't fully understand modern music without them.

Yes is on the cusp. The enduring popularity of their 70s work puts them in the conversation. Their cross-over success with 90125 puts them over the top.

wardo said...

Can you still write in Nicky Hopkins?

Chris Charlesworth said...

I find it hard to argue with you on that, though I think The Zombies are more likely to be unknown to those under 45 than Chic, but your sentiment is spot on.

Chris Charlesworth said...

I did... I added a note with his name and also Richard Thompson, but I've been suggesting him for years with no luck.

wardo said...

Excellent. You, apparently, are our only hope.