JOAN JETT on The Who's US Tour

My pal Lisa in America has now seen several Who shows in the current US tour and feels the need to draw the attention of Just Backdated readers to the opening act, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, who’ve impressed her mightily. I’m happy to oblige:

Joan Jett: ever have one of those artists you've never gotten around to seeing that was on your bucket list? That was Joan for me. Not in years. A lifetime ago, I met Joan and her manager backstage at a Who show. I made a hollow promise back then to make sure I caught one of her sets. It's really a disgrace that female rockers have to battle the glass ceiling to this day, treated as novelty or completely marginalized. Better recently, but still not where things should be. I've now seen Joan and her band three times this tour. Every single set has been a revelation.
            She goes out there every night and puts on a 200% performance. It takes the courage of a lion to be an opener for any major act, let alone The Who, but this woman, this petite bundle of dynamite, just blows my mind. It's great if you have the ability to let your fingers fly all over the frets, but this is direct, tight as hell, chunky foot stomping heaven great great music. I bow to the ones that came before & during.... Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge, the rest of the Runaways, and all the others. Don't make the mistake I did. She's just damn terrific.

Lisa took the picture. 

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Anonymous said...

Just back home to the UK after the last few East Coast shows and I can confirm that Joan Jett & The Blackhearts made for a great opening band.

It's rare for a support band to get the crowd on their feet, but Joan Jett did this every time.

A really punchy set and I'm looking forward to seeing them again on the West Coast.