SITAR MUSIC - A Post Script

Further to my post about sitar music my friend Adrian Boot has created a playlist for anyone who fancies checking out the best tracks by the crème de la crème of sitar players: ‘Mand’ (by Nikhil Banerjee),‘Mand’ (Shahid Parvez), ‘Baul’ (Nikhil Banerjee), ‘Thumbri’ (Nikhil Banerjee), ‘Raga Deshkar’ (Shahid Parvez), ‘Raga Desh (Shahid Parvez), ‘Dhun Bhatiali’ (Shahid Parvez), ‘Raga Bihag (alap)’ (Shahid Parvez), ‘Vilambit (slow)’ (Shahid Parvez), ‘Raga Misra Mand’ (Ali Akbar Khan), and ‘Raga Bhairavi (Madhyalaya)’ (Ustad Vilayat Khan). 

Nikhil Banerjee (1931-1986)

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nick said...

I've heard some incredible music from Ravi - you can't leave him off the list if you are in the know...