Here’s a brief show report from last night’s Who concert, sent to Just Backdated by my roving East Coast Who correspondent Lisa Seckler-Roode, who also took the pictures.

The sleeping dragon has shaken off the dust and is spewing fire again. The Nassau Coliseum show was (for the way things are now) pretty damn great. ‘A Quick One’, ‘I Can See For Miles’ and ‘Bargain’ were pretty damn fantastic, ‘Amazing Journey’ and ‘Sparks’ remarkable. Great stage banter about people smoking dope in the venue, prompting an offering from Pete to shove the weed “up the smoker’s ass”, a vintage Pete style comment. Roger made it very clear he would walk off if it didn’t stop. He had problems with his in ear monitors, leading him to repeatedly yank them out, going so far as too tell the poor guy trying to put them back on him to fuck off. More great piss and vinegar! Overall, thoroughly great set by what exists as The Who today.

Next week Lisa will be reporting from Forest Hills, where The Who last played in July, 1971, two shows that opened their Who's Next US tours that year. 

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