Back to Elvis today. I came across this hilarious document in an Elvis book many years ago. It is an aural transcription of the lyrics to ‘Jailhouse Rock’, as printed on the cover of a Brazilian Elvis LP. (I still have this EP.)

One, two part in the cany dial
Prison in the stand they forgot the wale
When this job is none
The job began to swing
You should have to rock
Dead jail bird sing let’s rock
Everybody let’s rock
Everybody in all say oh! Bob
You stand till jail our rock

Start a marble place in the saxphone
Little Joe in blow in old sax trombone
Climb across the matter
You gonna track oil band
You hold a red sax
You wanna purple game

Now I’m part of seven
Said my mamma three
You use cute this jail further ever did see
I show I’ll be alive when you call for me
Come on and do the jail
Let’s rock it wanna be

It said sax is secret on the block stone
You call in the corner we are not alone
You want to say
Nobody don’t be no square
You can’t by a part
It used to worry in jail

She forgot her sad about for heaven sake
It want look matter just to make a break
Brother turn his shirt
To empty sad Mrs Smith
I want to stick around
Or wanna give my kick

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