Another milestone! In the last 24 hours Just Backdated had its 150,000th hit. The 100,000th came on July 15, the 196th day of the year and this one comes 104 days later, so the traffic has remained steady at an average of around 470 hits per day. But this is misleading as the only reason the average is 470 is because of the unusually large number of hits I get on Who related posts, and all this is thanks to Richard Evans linking the posts to The Who’s official Facebook page. Remove The Who from the equation and it would be more like 150 hits a day.
So all the top viewed posts are those about The Who, with only one other act reaching the top ten, Rory Gallagher at number nine, with 2,498 hits. Still top of the list and unlikely ever to be toppled is the one about Moonie getting between John and Paul Beatle for their last ever photograph together, 14,139 hits now, up from 13,911 in July but not by very much.
        The Who and Rory aside, the only other posts to have topped the 1,000 mark are those on Lowell George and Little Feat, and what these three have in common is that links to the posts have appeared on Facebook pages, either ‘official’ in the case of The Who and Rory or fan sites in the case of the mighty Feat. This also explains why a bit further down the listings my post about Jimmy Page’s Q&A session two weeks ago has had over 700 hits, my post about the Abba live album had almost 600 and my Slade posts reach the 400 mark; in all three cases posts about these acts have been linked to appropriate Facebook pages or websites.
The Who posts also attract the most comments, with my virtual reality Hidden Gems post in front by a country mile, no doubt because this invited readers to suggest tracks for their own HG album.
What, you might wonder, are the least read posts? Well, they’re almost all from the beginning of the year before Just Backdated became established so it would be unjust to name the acts and thus imply that they don’t have many fans!
As before, by far the highest number of hits has come from the US, 66,994 now, with the UK second on 35,191, and Canada, Japan and Germany in fairly close pursuit.
          Once again, thanks for all your support.

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