JUST BACKDATED - 200,000 and counting...

Sometime during the Brits broadcast on Wednesday night the number of hits on Just Backdated passed the 200,000 mark. It would be nice to think that this was because those who visit my blog were so bored with the annual music industry bash that they had nothing better to do than switch on to me instead but that’s probably not the case as most hits come from America where The Brits is a foreign concept but, happily, Just Backdated is not.
         Either way, it was another milestone, so thanks everyone. In the past I have celebrated these little milestones with some sort of survey but looking at the posts and hits on the ‘backstage’ data that I alone am permitted to see, nothing has changed, as David Bowie called his most recent hits compilation, incidentally a quote from the song ‘Sunday’ from Heathen, an album I like a lot. But I digress… by that I mean that the most visited posts are pretty much the same, the only change being that the one on February 13 that I called Launching Dear Boy (4,146 hits so far) has entered the charts at an impressive number three very quickly indeed (in the first week of release!), pushing everything else down one place, yet more agreeable evidence that Keith Moon is alive and well, at least in the world of cyberspace. Inevitably the next most popular of recent posts was the one about the Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp movie, so I can’t get away from The Who even if I wanted to, which I don’t.
         Each of the 416 posts averages 482 hits but again that’s skewed by the large numbers of hits on Who posts compared to the rest. Eliminate The Who – did I really write those three words?! – and we’re probably more in the region of 100 hits per post. Territorially the US still has about twice as many hits as the next placed country, the UK, but further down the list of countries I’m starting to get a few hits from Russia which is a fairly recent phenomenon. So, for their benefit… Добро пожаловать мои российские друзья.

Tomorrow, we’re time travelling, back to CBGBs, circa 1976. 

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